If you have a great look with the personality and determination to match, you could be the next biggest male model in the making.

If that’s your goal, read on for our expertise to help kick start your modelling career today.

There are so many opportunities for male models but the secret to success is knowing what type of male modelling is most suitable for you. From commercial, editorial and high fashion modelling to health and fitness and even alternative modelling. Once you know which field is right for you, you can then target the right model agencies.

The type of body you have is the first thing to consider, if you are toned with a muscular physique, health and fitness modelling might be right up your street


where as if you have a slighter frame with a quirky look, high fashion sounds perfect for you. Taking care of your health and appearance goes without saying and you should always look after your skin and hair, eat well and exercise regularly. Either way, you need a good, versatile portfolio to help sell yourself to casting directors and brands alike.

And it’s not just about looks, you need to have a great personality and attitude too with the ability to move confidently and naturally in front of the camera.

Model Scouter is here to help you realise your potential to really get the most out of what you have to offer. We will help you to create the best possible model portfolio so you can make those next all-important steps in your career.

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We offer three different and important services to fully prepare you and get you started for a career in the modelling industry.

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Otherwise known as comp cards, z-cards act as a CV-meets-portfolio model business card.


A model’s success is usually dependent on the quality of the promotional material that they have.


An E-folio is a website dedicated to exhibiting your portfolio and modelling work.