To stand a chance of competing you need to be prepared to give it your everything by not only constantly keeping fit but by creating a portfolio and promoting yourself around the clock.

Model Scouter is here to offer you advice as you start out on your new venture and we can’t stress how important it is for models, especially fitness models, to look their absolute best at all times. As a model your appearance is always under scrutiny but even more so as a fitness model! You need to maintain a desirable and athletic looking physique with good muscle tone.

We’ll help you create a professional portfolio that illustrates this and really promotes your good shape in order to give your career the best possible start.

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We offer three different and important services to fully prepare you and get you started for a career in the modelling industry.

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Otherwise known as comp cards, z-cards act as a CV-meets-portfolio model business card.


A model’s success is usually dependent on the quality of the promotional material that they have.


An E-folio is a website dedicated to exhibiting your portfolio and modelling work.