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Female modelling can be exciting and exceptionally rewarding but if you’re new to the industry you’ll need some advice on how to get there – that’s what Model Scouter is for.

To become a female model not only do you need a great face and a good, well-proportioned body, you need the right attitude along with copious amounts of ambition and determination. You have to let your personality shine through, too, especially when working on big productions with large teams where you’re expected to be easy-going, confident and able to strike up conversations with new people. It goes without saying that you need to take care over your appearance and health, making time for things like regular haircuts and gym visits.


This industry is renown for being really competitive so you need to have something that makes you stand out. Creating a professional and versatile portfolio that showcases the best version of you and then using it to produce exposure for yourself is absolutely the right way to start and this is where we can help you.

Here at Model Scouter we can help you to create the best possible model portfolio. You’ll come in and during your time with us you’ll meet our industry experts who will help you to discover what type of female model you could be, whether that’s high fashion, editorial, lingerie or commercial or even promotional modelling. With this invaluable experience you’ll be ready to start your new career and approach model agencies.

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We offer three different and important services to fully prepare you and get you started for a career in the modelling industry.

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Otherwise known as comp cards, z-cards act as a CV-meets-portfolio model business card.


A model’s success is usually dependent on the quality of the promotional material that they have.


An E-folio is a website dedicated to exhibiting your portfolio and modelling work.