Sometimes close-ups of particular parts of the body are needed for photoshoots or filming, where maybe producers are creating a shoot to sell certain products or services or directors require a frame featuring the perfect feet or a killer pair of pins, you just never know!

Being a body parts model may seem like a strange concept but many models make a lot of money by modelling specific parts of their bodies that have a special quality or a seemingly perfect look, from slender and graceful hands and feet and perfectly shapely legs to glossy hair, amazing eyes and beautiful lips.

All types of models can do body parts modelling as long as you meet the required standards so get in touch with us today by registering for free below and make those first steps to a new opportunity.

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We offer three different and important services to fully prepare you and get you started for a career in the modelling industry.

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Otherwise known as comp cards, z-cards act as a CV-meets-portfolio model business card.


A model’s success is usually dependent on the quality of the promotional material that they have.


An E-folio is a website dedicated to exhibiting your portfolio and modelling work.