Is Model Scouter an agency?

Model Scouter is not agency and we do not find models work. We help aspiring models take those first all-important steps into the modelling industry with advice and guidance tailored to you.

Do I need a portfolio?

A portfolio is the key to starting your career as a model. A portfolio is your model CV, they show your ability and exhibit your versatility, showing your full potential to prospective clients. Your portfolio is often the first thing clients will look at, so the stronger it is the better chance you will have of getting signed to an agency and ultimately finding paid work.

Do I need to pay for my portfolio?

Every model has to pay for their portfolio. Some models are lucky enough to get signed with top fashion agencies who will invest and build their portfolios for them and then take a cut from their first pay but they tend to have very strict requirements. A model who has curated their own, strong portfolio speaks volumes as to how seriously they are taking themselves and their future.

Do I need professional images to approach agencies?

You will always need professional images to market yourself as a model. From time to time some clients and agencies will request natural images or polaroids of you as well as your professional portfolio before making a decision.

Does Model Scouter work with studios?

Model Scouter is owned by Kube Studios Limited, who own photography studios in both London and Manchester. It is completely your decision where you get your images done and we encourage you to compare our work to the work of others before you make any decisions.

Do model agencies guarantee work?

No agency can guarantee work. Whilst they represent and market you to the best of their ability it is ultimately the creative directors and shoot teams that organise the shoots who choose which model they want to work with and who best fits the brief, and they do that by looking at your portfolio.

How long will it take me to get jobs?

This again depends on the requirements of the clients. But some models start getting work the moment they sign up and for some it can take a couple of weeks or months to get the ball rolling. It can also depend on new trends, fashions and new companies.

How much will I get paid?

Model rates vary from job to job. Some rates are hourly but most are by the day. Once you are signed with an agency you should have a very clear understanding of all the different rates, the exact percentage your agency will be taking and you will be able to refer back to your contract to keep on top of your earnings.

Do I have to travel?

Modelling can involve travel and depends on the location of shoots and castings that you attend. Normally your agency will arrange all travel through the client. It’s a great perk of the job, so remain professional and enjoy it!

Will modelling affect my studies?

Agencies will represent you and find you work, it’s up to you to decide which castings and shoots you would like to attend, or are able to attend – do not be afraid to say no. Your agency will be aware that you are in full time education and should only contact you outside of those hours so your studies are not interrupted.

Is there a limit to how many agenciesI can join?

Not at all – the more agencies you can get signed up with, the better! You’ll have more representation and your name (and face) will be promoting more.

Do I need to be a particular shape or size?

The industry has changed dramatically over the past couple of years and you no longer have to be a size zero to be successful, in fact many designers have banned such small sizes from their shows. Models today come in all different shapes and sizes with a multitude of different features. It’s important that you are realistic and approach the correct agencies with the right style of portfolio that represents your true self.

Is a tattoo acceptable in themodelling industry?

Like we said, models today come with so many different features and tattoos on models are no longer frowned upon. So many top fashion models have tattoos, from Kate Moss to Freja Beha Erichsen, they just have them in discreet places. Some publications and websites even look for models specifically with tattoos to achieve a certain look or feel to their photography.

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